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D AHEADElected on a ticket to help businesses, the French pre▓sident had been changing labor code, injecting dynamism into public services and institutions and reforming ▓rail sector and education system, areas where he was facing fierce oppositi

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on that drew thousands to the country's streets in addition to strikes.Up next o▓n his agenda: reforming pension system, improv▓ing public healthcare service and accelerating energy transition. But continued soc▓ial unrest and accusations that h▓e was ignoring workers, and being out of reach, likely to under▓mine hi

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s next reform push."I'm here to ▓continue to transform the country, to make it progress. I do not want to move forward in division but not at the price of inaction," said Macron on Thursday when about 10,000 hosp▓ital workers took the streets in Pari

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s to denounce low pay and poor working condit▓ions in over-capacity emergency rooms.Ea▓rlier this week, students have also d▓emonstra

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